TDF is creating "History Making World Changers" for Christ.

The primary purpose of a Christian school is to join with the family and the local church to develop devoted followers of Christ. This includes helping students realize their personal academic potential.

Unfortunately, most find it a challenge to fulfill this purpose. Most develop students academically, but struggle to really Disciple them. The Holy Spirit creates a Disciple and parents are primarily responsible for Discipleship, but our Christian schools have an important role to play in that work.

According to the Barna Group, more than 60% of youth from "Christian households" discard their parent's faith soon after high school. Sadly, it makes little difference whether they attend Christian or public school. 

The youth that are walking away from their parent’s faith, walk the halls of our Christian schools.

They are our children and our children’s, children.

Why is this?

There are many reasons - challenging cultures, inadequate Board governance, lack of strategic planning, a misunderstanding of Discipleship,  confusion about the role of leadership, operational deficits and organizational & human resource deficiencies. Most Christian schools believe their problem is inadequate funding, when this is normally a symptom of other issues.

Most Christian Schools have limited plans because they have limited resources; when they have limited resources because they have limited plans.

TDF's objective is to help Christian schools develop a Discipleship Infused Education culture where students reach their full academic potential and develop a close personal relationship with Christ. Most schools want to achieve this, but do not know how.

TDF assesses Christian schools to determine if they are willing and able to develop a Discipleship Infused Education culture and then helps them develop a plan and provides the funding necessary to implement the plan. TDF pools donor's, or as we call them "investor's" funds and donates or lends those funds to Christian schools that are certified by TDF.

A significant opportunity exists to profoundly "Influence Generations for Christ" through "Discipleship Infused Education." A movement has begun and TDF is rising to this challenge with Christian schools, believing we can be all God has called us to be! We invite you to join us and many others to "Influence a Generation for Christ" - to create "History Making World Changers" - through an investment in authentic Discipleship Infused Christian Education.




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