Invest (Donate)

Why would a donor (investor) choose to invest in TDF and not directly with a Christian school? For at least three reasons:

1. The biggest challenge for Christian schools is not the lack of funding. They need to develop and implement a holistic plan that will lead to financial self sufficiency and the development of a Discipleship Infused Education culture. TDF pools investor funds and provides them to Christian schools that are willing and able to develop and implement that plan. Then we make sure they follow through so that students are impacted for Christ. We "teach them to fish" rather than "give them a fish." We help them "organize for success" so that they can achieve financial health and then begin to develop a Discipleship Infused Education culture. The following illustrates the desired organizational transformation:


Financial Sustainability 1.png

The vast majority of Christian schools do not follow this proven organizational model. They just are not "organized for success."

Financial Sustaiability 2.png

Christian schools need to build out an entire team of revenue generators to be successful. This is just one of the steps that TDF helps them take. It will be ineffective if the governance model is deficient, if there is no strategic plan, or if there are operational or human resource deficiencies. TDF works with its partner schools in these areas as well.

FS 3.png

2. When investor funds are pooled together they have a greater impact on a Christian school that is able and willing to create a Discipleship Infused Education culture and in turn a greater impact is made on students for Christ.

3. TDF manages and protects your investment. We call it an investment because it is serious business to steward God's funds and deploy His resources to impact a generation for Christ. The Eternal Return on Investment (EROI) is souls in heaven and Disciples on earth. 

TDF assesses Christian schools to determine if they are willing and able to develop a Discipleship Infused Education culture and then works with them to develop a plan and provides the necessary funding to implement that plan. TDF pools donor's, or as we call them "investor's" funds and donates or lends those funds to Christian schools that are certified by TDF.

TDF contractually holds these schools accountable to the implementation of a plan and achievement of specific results in order to receive tranches of funding as targets are met. This way, TDF ensures its investor's an "EROI" - Eternal Return on Investment. The bottom line, TDF makes sure students are being impacted for Christ at these schools, or it will not fund them.

TDF provides its investors with quarterly reporting which indicates how the investor's funds are being used to impact students for Christ. TDF provides investors with a real assessment of how well a school is creating a Discipleship Infused Education culture.

TDF is an affiliate of Mission Create, a non-profit incubator, which is a registered 501(c)3 and therefore all donations receive a tax receipt. All donations flow directly to TDF as a fund of Mission Create. TDF only incurs expenses when school assessments are performed. Our goal is to maintain administrative and assessment expenses at or below 15%.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to discuss supporting TDF in its quest to create "History Making World Changers" for Christ, please give us a call or send us a message.  No investment is too large or too small! Blessings.